Role of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing


As humans, we have traveled long in time, and we have crossed the stone age, ice age, and industrial age. What we are now is in the age of technology and advancement. It’s the digital age.
We have always pushed to the best of our abilities to create wonders that are not just great but also ones that would make our lives simpler and much better. While we did come a long way, we are still aiming to go further in innovation by pushing ourselves to create more wonders.
So why are we doing this?
The hunger to create something new has always made us want to achieve more. Our recent invention and innovation in AI have made it all the clearer that we are capable of pushing our boundaries even further.
AI is transforming the way things work around us. While AI is creating a revolution in fields like healthcare, agriculture, and the military, some domains still have a great potential for AI, but everyone does not recognize it the same way it is done in other fields. So today, we will be seeing how AI is taking leaps in digital marketing, a field that almost every business on this planet needs.
All need digital marketing. Every business needs an online presence, without which it would be difficult to tap plenty of prospective customers. The role of AI in digital marketing is transforming the way things are done online. It is improving the efficiency and productivity of how things work.
AI transforms the way you do your everyday digital marketing tasks. Along with saving time and energy, it also gives impressive results that help improve customer satisfaction. It also improves customer experience, which adds more advantages to the brands. Though non-intelligent software is budget-friendly, software-driven by AI and machine learning improves productivity twice.
Yes, investing in new technology is a commitment, but then it is worth it. Here are some amazing things to know about how AI helps in digital marketing.

1. Personalization Like Never Before

A business might have 100, 1000, or even 10,000 customers. How long do you think it takes to understand each person’s profile, tastes and preferences, and demography manually? With AI, all of this can be done in a jiffy.
Customers these days expect the brand to know what their preferences are. Traditional methods like direct mail or surveys are no longer effective for the current customer base.
Customers want everything personalized, and many of them will even ignore non-personalized messages. A study shows that around 40% of consumers switched their brands due to poor personalization. With AI, you can predict customer behavior and interactions and provide customized support based on their needs. This is not only appreciated but also helps you pull in a lot of new customers.

2. Quicker Response Than Before

Customer service means lesser wait time and more expectations from the customer’s point of view. Every customer wants to feel valued and prioritized. If you serve your customers better, it reaps you the fruit of marketing. But how are you to decide the line of prioritization, especially when there are so many customers out there?
This was a major problem in customer support. But gone are the days when an agent has to respond to every single message.
With AI chatbots, customers automatically get responses based on their questions and their interpretation by the intelligent bot. This has been saving not only hours but also has resulted in improved efficiency.

3. Email Marketing

As mentioned previously, customers love personalization. With AI and other intelligent software, you can understand customer niches and preferences and communicate accordingly.
Using AI, you can schedule personalized emails based on certain actions of the customers on your webpage. This will interest them more in your products and create an impression that, as a brand, you care for your customers. Email marketing campaigns have become one of the best tools powered by AI.

4. Fresh Content Every Time

Have you experienced a creative block? This generally happens with people who work in digital marketing. Running all-time behind new and creative content, it is only normal that you run out of ideas. Times like these bring no harm in getting assisted by a bot.
Some tools help you churn new ideas. It could be content, social media strategy, or even blog ideas.
Using these tools, you can always be sure of staying on top of creating impressive content. You can either use the same content or even take it as an inspiration. This intelligent tool collates ideas from several pages online and, also based on a search algorithm, helps you find the best ideas.

5. Improved Shopping Experience

AI has made not just the online shopping experience better but has also powered the in-store shopping experience. With AI, you no longer have to try on a dress in person. Some brands are using AI creatively to improve shopping experiences for their customers.
For example, many eyewear brands have an AI where you can load your picture and hit the try-on button that will show how you will look in real-time while wearing their specs. It can be said that AI boosts the digital shopping experience.
Levi, for example, uses an AI chatbot to help their customers find the perfect fitting jeans. Virtual trial rooms are also a thing these days when it comes to online shopping.

6. SEO

As we all know, SEO is the backbone of digital marketing. Google constantly works to improve the way its search engine works. By integrating AI into its algorithm, Google is helping customers and businesses have a better e-commerce experience.
For example, when you type a wrong spelling, Google asks, “Did you mean…” which is a great way to improve the search experience.
Also, When you type Apple, based on your interests and recent searches, the search engine throws results accordingly, trying to understand if you are talking about the smartphone or the fruit. This is called ‘search intent .’ There is no better way to improve this than having it powered by AI that picks your interests and preferences and tracks your activity across other sites and devices.

7. Predicting Customer Behavior Like Never Before

The future of AI in sales and marketing is impeccable. As funny as it may sound, AI is better at predicting your personality traits than your close one. But that’s the truth.
By tracking your actions across various devices and applications or websites, understanding what you are searching for every day, or tracking your online activity, AI can tell you what your preferences are and what you need right now on the internet.
For marketers who are trying hard to understand their customers’ demography, AI is an indispensable tool. When a customer prefers another brand over yours, it does not mean abandoning your brand.
With AI, you can understand what made them make the switch, and you can use the information to serve them better the next time. For example, if someone chooses another flight service over yours, it could be for better flying points that they are offering.
When you understand this, the next time the customer tries booking a flight ticket with your service you can offer them better points or perhaps even a discount on the total price.

8. Better Pricing Suggestions

The perfect way to a customer’s heart is through discounts. The best example of dynamic pricing can be understood easily by taking the example of airline booking websites. Have you ever experienced seeing the prices going up after a couple of searches?
Companies use AI to set dynamic pricing based on various factors like customer profiles, availability, and demand. The aim is to maximize both profits and sales. Brands also use AI to track the pricing of similar products across other websites and offer the best price for their customers.
What better than understanding your customer and suggesting to them the best prices?

The Need for AI in a Business

Brands like Spotify and Amazon use AI to understand their customers better. Using AI helps them show relevant products and suggestions based on their previous searches, views, and purchases. When customers show what they like, they prefer sticking to the brand rather than switch to an alternative.
One of the best examples is that of YouTube music. While the application is a paid app, many people still use YT music over other music apps for suggestions, and the music search is much better in this app than in others. YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms, and there’s no doubt about its music apps as well. AI-powered search history has never been so powerful.
Using AI does not only help you draw more customers but helps you retain your existing customers by making them trust you more. Customers need customization like never before, and offering them this very thing will make you the best in your industry.

Some AI-Powered Tools for Digital Marketing

Grammarly : Be a wordsmith like never before by perfecting all your content with Grammarly. This AI-powered tool helps you correct your grammar and present grammar-perfect content for your users.
Seventh Sense : This AI-powered email marketing tool senses the perfect time to drop in the email at your customer’s inbox. Using AI, it finds the perfect time, day, and date to drop in personalized emails based on each customer’s profile.
Phrasee : If you wonder what is the catch in an email, then it is the subject line. But it’s not always possible to come up with perfect catchy subject lines. This AI tool does the same. It helps you find the best and the most convincing subject lines for your emails.
Nichesss : This AI tool helps you generate the perfect and non-plagiarized content for your websites and social media. You can write blog posts, copy, create blog outlines, generate YouTube video ideas, and more!
ChatFuel - 46% of all Messenger bots run with ChatFuel. It is an intelligent bot for Facebook Messenger that converts with AI. Engage with your customers 24/7 and automate FAQs.
These are some of the very few AI-powered tools that are used in digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Marketing FAQ

Why and How Is AI Used in Digital Marketing?

AI is used in digital marketing to optimize digital marketing solutions. It helps better understand customers to help the brand improve its campaigns and automate activities that provide better solutions and help save time. With AI-driven tools, a brand can expect to:

  • Gain better insights about customer behavior and profiles
  • Understand current industry trends
  • Personalize communications
  • Automate mundane tasks

Why Are Brands Using AI in Digital Marketing?

Companies are seeing that the power of AI can be used to create and improve their marketing campaigns. Better campaigns mean better customer experience, which in turn means more customers. AI helps make each campaign targeted and customized based on customer profiles.

What Are Some of the Best AI Tools for Content Creation?

There are many AI tools online for better content generation. Articoolo, Wordsmith, WordAi, INK, Atomic Reach, Curata, and Article Forge.

Will AI Kill Careers in Digital Marketing?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions. It is more like how people feared in the industrial revolution. But no, AI will not kill jobs in digital marketing. The need for automated machinery and digital tools are different.
While there are AI-powered tools, there is always the need for human intervention and a human touch to make AI effective. In short, AI and human power should work together to bring out the best results in digital marketing. One cannot outlive the other, but certain manual and mundane tasks can be eliminated, which is very important.