Get Accurate Business Insights

Gain Competitive Advantage With Marketing Analytics

Explore Market Opportunities, Plan Better, and Do Better Forecasting with Our Marketing Analytics Software

Measure, Analyse & Manage Campaigns

Marketing analytics will make sure that your budget is not getting wasted anywhere. Use analytics to draft an effective marketing plan. Get the maximum output for your marketing efforts.

Clear Data visualization

Using Analytics, you can see the flow of incoming traffic & behavior in a visual format. It will help you to understand the usage patterns & give you clear insights.

Gain A Clear View

Users come from a variety of sources like social media, email, search, and more. Use marketing analytics to analyze these sources & you to improve your sales.

Strengthen Social Media

Social Media is the best way to boost engagement. Use analytics from social media to sharpen the focus. You can also avoid the mistakes you did in the past.

Gather Past Insights

Examining your past marketing techniques and their output is crucial. It will help you to analyze the purchasing patterns and customer behavior.

Analyze Live Campaigns

Use marketing analytics to analyze and measure the campaigns. It will also help you to maximize your performance and get the best out of it.

Get Real-time Data

Improving customer experience is vital for a business. Use marketing analytics to gather real-time data. It will help you to fine-tune your campaigns.

Use Our Marketing Analytics To Get The Edge Over Your Competitors

Analyzing customer preferences and recent trends is crucial in marketing. Algoritz will measure your marketing ROI & help you to cut down your budget. We will examine the outcomes and measure every dollar we spend on marketing.

Improve Quality Score

We use analytics to improve the quality score of paid ad campaigns. We also reduce your bid & boost ad position.

Predict User Behavior

Bring back risky customers into the sales funnel using predictive behavior. It will help to retain customers.

Stop Wasting Money

Marketers waster their budget on inaccurate targeting. We can stop spending your money on poor marketing.

Superior Customer Experience

We deliver personalized marketing campaigns to our clients. It will improve the user experience on your website.

Why We Are The Best In Doing Marketing Analytics?

Nowadays, companies are wasting vast amounts of marketing budget in the wrong places. Those ads are not reaching the right people at the right time. It is the reason for the failure of any marketing campaigns.

The key to success in Marketing is eliminating waste spending. By doing this, we were able to deliver a consistent increase in performance for our clients.

Decreases the Risk

High-Quality Data

Powerful Data Estimates

Prevents a Significant Wastage

Effective Spending on Money

Accurate Insights

By improving your marketing efforts, we will help you to gain profitable customers. Apart from the predictive analysis, we also use big data and data sales.

Gain Maximum Value for Campaigns

Advanced Keyword Research Tool

Improved the Accuracy

Introduce New Techniques

Optimize the Process

Seamlessly Integrate Marketing Data

At Algoritz, we use Machine learning and AI to predict your customer behavior. Our predictions are accurate & it will prevent making wrong decisions.

Prepare for the Future

Predict Customer Journey

Save Resources and Money

End-to-End Marketing Analytics

Check Historic Data Patterns

Evaluate Your Marketing Campaigns

Maintain Dynamic Presence With Marketing Analytics

We Use Advanced Business Metrics to Measure Your Performance and Reduce Time to Market. Use Our Advanced AI-Backed Predictive Analysis to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Measure, Manage & Refine Your Campaigns Using Our Marketing Analytics

Understand Campaign Objectives

Clearly understanding the customer goal is the first step of the marketing process. With the advanced analysis, we will identify our strengths and weaknesses of our marketing campaigns. Also, using this analysis, we will set the goal along with success metrics.

Identify Opportunities & Gain Insights

Our team has expertise in cross-channel marketing techniques. They have advanced tools to do deep research on the market. Also, they will analyze the competitors and look for opportunities to add value. It will help you to capture the attention of the audiences easily.

Develop & Implement Strategies

After gaining enough insights, now its time to develop and implement the analytics plan. By keeping the target audience & buyer persona in mind, we will build the perfect analytics program. We will also provide a detailed audit report along with the list of recommendations.

Monitor Output, Refind Strategy & Reporting

We continuously monitor the output and observe the changes in the campaign. By analyzing this, we segregate the low performing campaigns from the best-performing ones. Also, we deliver a customized report for every client based on their requirement.

Marketing Analytics FAQs

Yes, all levels of businesses benefit from more data. Marketing analytics can offer you insights into different aspects of your marketing funnel. Because of the competition, the more data you have, the better you are positioned in the market.
We use a complete suite of a variety of tools for our clients. We use multipurpose tools like Google Analytics, KissMetrics, Search console and more. Along with that, we also use some specialized AI tools for detailed statistics. We make sure that your analytics match up on all platforms.
A lot of people think they both are the same. But there is a key difference here. The digital analysis involves recording data on a digital medium. Here, the data can be inaccurate or even wrong, considering the source.
Marketing analytics involves a lot of different KPIs. A few of them are impressions, CTR, website visits, conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, and ad spend per campaign, to name a few. You can choose which KPIs you want to focus on for your campaign.
Marketing analytics can give you in-depth information on several critical data points. It can help you take better business decisions, thereby improving your ROI. You also waste significantly less time waiting on relevant data.
Because of the vast number of data points, marketing analytics can be tough to implement. Detailed research is required to choose the right KPIs and data points for the campaign. It should also be compatible across different platforms. Leave it to us, and we will take care of this.

Optimize Operations & Improve Economics

Our Marketing Analytics Will Help You to Run a Better Marketing Campaign with Better Customer Understanding. It Will Help You to Gain a Market Advantage and Give You Sustainable Growth