Automate Your Campaigns

Personalize Experiences With Marketing Automation

Reach & Retain More Customers With Our Marketing Automation Systems

Automate Your Marketing Process

Are you looking to streamline your marketing process? Then your business needs Marketing Automation. It will improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks.

Turn Prospects Into Clients

Marketing Automation will push the users through the conversion funnel. It will convert the prospects into lifelong customers for your business.

Boost Engagement Rate

With the help of marketing automation, you can always stay in touch with your customers. You can send automated promo emails & holiday offers.

Measure The Outcome

With historical data and future forecasts, we can do predictive analysis on users. It will give you a clear picture of your marketing expenses and ROI.

Highly Scalable

Having a long term vision for your business is vital. With the help of marketing automation, you can even grow at 5x or 10x without any hassle.

Predicting User Behavior

With advanced machine learning, we can predict and automate the changes. It will predict the next move of your customers and engage accordingly.

Reduce Human Errors

Automation will reduce the error and ensure consistency. It will reduce the additional marketing costs and save you time and money.

How We Excel In Marketing Automation?

At Algoritz, we unleash the power of automated marketing sequences. With that, you can engage with customers through various channels. You can engage with them through SMS, email, phone calls, and social media channels.

Personalized Services

We will create personalized ads and send custom made email to all users. It will increase CTR and conversions.

Cross-channel Marketing

You can engage with your customers through email, postcard, SMS, social, and tweets.

Decreases Staffing Expense

With one powerful automation software, one employee can content against 100+ marketing executives.

Fine-tune Marketing Process

First, visualize the user flow and behavior. Then, With that, you can build a process & nurture your leads.

How We Stand Out With Our Marketing Automation Process?

Our automation process focuses on grabbing leads through both online and offline channels. We create effective pipelines for businesses to move a lead from the start until we close a deal.

We do an in-depth analysis of the output data from every marketing campaign. We monitor the response rate & focus on increasing the conversion.

Cost-per-lead Acquisition

Improve Landing Page Performance

Analyze Traffic Sources

Workflow Automation

Behavioral Targeting

Advanced Lead Scoring System

Our team has very good experience in doing split testing. We regularly change our outreach approach and increase the success rate gradually.

Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing Call To Action Buttons

Reduce Bounce Rate

Useful Testing Metrics

Cut down Cart Abandonment

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our automation tools will collect, classify & analyze the data. Using this info, we segregate them based on the buyer personas and target the users.

Improve Customer Retention

Feedback Collection

Boost Customer Trust

Actionable Insights

Data-driven Decisions

Consumer Buying Habits

Our team will create highly engaging content that performs well in the campaigns. They regularly do A/B testing to remove low performing campaigns.

Potential to-do Upselling

Cross-Sell Opportunities

Engage With Target Audience

Well-timed Followups

Segregate Qualified Leads

Improve The Leads Sales Cycle

Track Your Prospect With Effective Marketing Automation

Create a Custom Campaign Architecture That Will Help You with Smart Automation and Scale-up Your Cross-Channel Campaigns

Our Roadmap to Successful Marketing Automation

Create the Target Audience List

To kickstart with the automation process, first, we need to define the target market. It will help us to create effective marketing campaigns. We curate the list based on their persona, demographic, age, interest, and more. We are also experts in targeting an audience based on their behavior.

Create & Execute Marketing Campaigns

Creating an outstanding marketing campaign is the key to attract new prospects. We create and send personalized emails based on their persona, geolocation, and more. We reduce human intervention and automate the email process using advanced tools.

Find Qualified Leads & Score Leads

In this step, we will analyze the leads and segregate them. Also, we will score the leads based on their user profile, relevancy, and budget. With back-to-back campaigns, we will separate the highly-qualified leads from the database.

Analyze & Move Buyers Down the funnel

By sending high-quality personalized content, we will push the users down the sales funnel continuously. We continuously engage with them using various remarketing channels, including email campaigns, ads, and more. Our hyper-focused retargeting will push them through the funnel and make them a prospective buyer.

Marketing Automation FAQs

In a word, Yes. Marketing automation can automate several areas of sales and marketing for your business. Today’s marketing automation software is more powerful and much easier to use.
Any business has a lot of tasks that they need to get done. And not all of them are their core competencies. Using market automation enables brands to focus on what they are good at while leaving the rest to automation.
Marketing automation provides businesses with a cheap and effective way to automate part of their marketing process. And because of advancing technology, it has gotten better over the years.
It uses various things like cookies, scripts, triggers, and events to build a visitor’s profile. Advanced automation software can even get this done on social media. It can help gather information about customer behavior.
Yes, considering that marketing automation lets teams focus on other important tasks. It improves employee throughput, which saves money. It also makes the whole process more effective by saving time.
A smaller business means smaller teams most of the time. It means sometimes they have to work outside their scope. With marketing automation, you can do many things like sending automatic emails, automated responses, and more. Every small business needs marketing automation.

Capture, Score, Track, Measure & Convert Leads

Using Automation, We Will Reduce Your Sales Cycle. Also, We Will Create Shareable and Targeted Content for Users. It Saves a Lot of Time and Increases the Tracking Capabilities