Increase Targeting Control

Programmatic Advertising With Precision At Scale

With our Programmatic Buying, We Improve The Cross-channel Marketing Performance Dramatically

Customized Targetting With Programmatic Efficiency

We do programmatic advertising through mobiles, social media, video ads, search advertising, and more. It increases effectiveness, impression, and ROI. Also, it will help to optimize marketing channels & scale campaigns.

Programmatic Bidding

Our automatic system will adjust the bidding in real-time. It increases efficiency as it adjusts the bid automatically and optimizes in real-time.

Considers 120+ Parameters

Our intelligent algorithm considers more than 120+ parameters before submitting a bid. It will modify the bid based on the audience location, age & behavior.

Provide More Insights

We use our internal tool and custom-developed software to run advertising campaigns. We synchronize all the data with Google data studio to provide more insights.

Scale-up Ad Campaigns

Reshaping the Ads in real-time helps you to scale up your marketing. It increases precision in targetting & tracking the users. Also, It helps you to handle ads on a large-scale.

Get More Control

Using programmatic ads, we can create creative & trending ad campaigns. You can see a lot of users, data, behavior & more. It will give you more control over the campaigns.

Reduces Ad Fraud

Programmatic campaigns can detect fraudulent impressions & clicks. If it detects fake clicks, it will pull off the ads immediately. It increases the efficiency of digital advertising.

How We Use Programmatic Advertising To Optimize Digital Campaigns?

We analyze the click-through rate and performance of each campaign. With a custom-based ad strategy, minimize your ad spend & maximize the output. Our package comes with advanced dashboard reporting, which will help you to measure the outcome.

Optimize Ads Using Machine Learning

We have our own Programmatic Ecosystem. Our machine learning models will take care of your auctions.

Revise Prices Using Automation

With the help of AI, we optimize your spending across all platforms. It revises the prices automatically.

Integrated Bidding Mechanism

Advertisers bid for ad slots in real-time. You can use our Bidding Mechanism to win more bids & save money.

Measure & Analyze Ads

We use advanced predictive analytics that provides actionable insights to us in real-time.

Granular Targetting With Automated Reporting

Using an automated mechanism, we purchase ads based on a dynamic pricing model. It does bidding on the fly. Also, it gathers a lot of data and takes action based on the collected data. We have complete control over displaying the ad’s location, sites, timing, and more.

Clients can log in to the dashboard and see the current spend, impressions, CTR and more in real-time. We use a variety of metrics to deliver the conversion data to users.

Custom Reporting

Generate White-label reports

Export to Excel, PDF and Word

Centralized Data

True Insights With Data Visualization

Real-time Analytics

We run dynamic ads for customers to convince them to complete the purchase. We will continuously push them through the funnel until they become your customer.

Integrated Feedback Loop

Modern Marketing Funnel

Identify & Fix Leaks

Measure the Funnel Movement

End-to-End Optimization

Auto-generate Businesses

At Algoritz, we use a variety of marketing mix for our clients. With our advanced Cross-channel ad tracking software, we track & refine the process in real-time.

Find Engagement rate

Eliminate Wasted Spend

Track the ROI Using DV360

Targetted Advertising Using DV360

Intelligent Tracking

Post Campaign Analysis

Buy Digital Ad Space & Streamline The Ad

Manage and Execute Marketing Deals in Our Programmatic Advertising Platform. We Are Experts in Doing Automated Ad Bidding, Buying & Selling

Our Roadmap to Successful Programmatic Buying

Find the Right Inventory from a Real-Time Marketplace

We monitor a list of thousands of inventories across the web. Our system will look for matching KPIs across the web. It will help in limiting the buying wastage. On the flip side, we also monitor the competitor marketing campaigns.

Go for a Smart Bidding Using Advanced AI

Our small bidding system will adjust the bids based on the user’s location, time, and more. Using real-time smart bidding, we buy the ad space for our clients. The backend bidding system is completely transparent & we focus on reducing the cost and increase the ROI.

Deliver Ad to Prospective Customers

We serve these ads dynamically based on the target audience we have segmented earlier. We deliver these ads only to the people who are like to buy your products/service. It will help you to generate more revenue.

Track Customer Clicks & Conversions

We continually optimize the campaigns and track the KPIs. Also, we have an advanced campaign reporting tool that gathers a lot of insights across the web. We track the impressions, clicks, bounces, time on site, and more.

Programmatic Advertising FAQs

We bid on a lot of ad exchanges, including Microsoft Ad Exchange, DoubleClick, and more.
Apart from ad exchanges, we also go for bidding in private marketplaces. Using our intelligent software, we place the bid once we find our specific target audience in the marketplace.
Programmatic advertising is not limited to any specific industry. We have been using PA for travel, healthcare, real estate, Automobile, finance/banking, fashion/retail, and more.
The results are 100% measurable, and we use Google Analytics and Google data studio to track and monitor the results. You can check the campaign performance in real-time.

Gain More Control With Programmatic Advertising

We Will Help You Drive Online and Offline Sales by Optimizing the Target Audience and Bidding in Real-Time. Also, We Will Automate the Process and Deliver Dynamic Ads