How Can Businesses Make Use of Tiktok To Increase Their Sales?


Tik Tok is a powerful marketing tool when leveraged well. It can introduce your brand to the world while spending very little on the campaign. It has millions of users worldwide and continues to grow. Companies have started taking notice of its immense marketing potential. It is a fun platform to unleash your creativity to gain attention from your target users. Tik Tok has recently launched its paid ads platform. It is a powerful way to boost your brand and track the performance of your sales and marketing efforts.

7 Useful Tips to Boost Sales Using TikTok

1. Create Engaging and Fun Content

Tik Tok thrives on video content. Creating fun and creative content is the best way to go viral. To get more sales, get creative. Storyboard new video ideas with your team or with a creative agency. Create several short videos on different themes. If you have a more extensive promo coming up, you can stitch many small videos together. Make sure that your content is valuable to a visitor. For example, if you own a cosmetics brand, share beauty and makeup tutorials and tips regularly. The trick is to put your brand out there as much as possible while providing helpful content to people. Creating quality content is a surefire way to drive sales. Users of your channel will trust your brand. It will encourage them to browse products and services on your main site. Fun and engaging content create brand awareness.
Add short but clear Call-to-action buttons on videos instead of long captions. This is an effective way to get people on to your site to make a purchase or an inquiry.

2. Use the Power of Hashtags

Using hashtags has become popular on Tik Tok. Hashtags help amplify content. They enable easy discovery of your video. Creating great content without a proper hashtag is a big mistake. All your efforts will be in vain if your target audience does not even know of the existence of your content. A sales tactic you can use is branded hashtag challenges. The way it works is simple. You share a video of performing a particular act or challenge and ask users to imitate and upload themselves. The best entries win prizes or goodies.
Branded hashtag challenges are generally sponsored by brands such as yours. They get more priority and coverage from Tik Tok. Hashtags appear in the description of your video. So make sure that you don't add too many of them and clutter your description. This space is valuable and must be used to give more details about your product or brand, Using hashtags that are relevant to your brand and content is a powerful sales tactic. It leads to better exposure and drives conversions when done well.

3. Collaborate with Influencers

Collaboration with Tik Tok has a positive impact on sales. Influencer marketing is effective and fast when done well. You can partner with influencers and top-rated content creators. Use their popularity to put your brand out there. The people you partner with are important to drive sales. Find influencers in your own domain.
For example, it would make sense to partner with a top chef if you are a maker of kitchen or food-related products. Have a clear goal when you connect with influencers. Make sure that they are genuine. Do your research on their videos and audience base. Check to see if their audience is similar to the end-users your brand wants to target. To make things easy, Tik Tok has added a great feature called Creator Marketplace. It is a platform where brands can connect with influencers for collaborations. It enables brands to find the best people to partner with based on performance metrics. The data on the marketplace tells you if an influencer is a good fit for your brand. Choosing the right partner is crucial to great ROI and sales.

4. Leverage Tik Tok Ads Platform

Tik Tok Ads is an offering targeted at brands who wish to use the platform for sales. It is the only way by which you can add a clickable button to your video. The button could be a link to a product on your site or take them to a landing page with further options to explore. Use Tik Tok adds to drive strong call-to-action for people discovering your brand. You can do one of three things on your video when you sign-up for Tik Tok Ads:

  • Add a link to your site
  • Direct users to download your mobile app
  • Encourage them to shop now from the Tik Tok App

The benefit of Tik Tok ads is their guaranteed reach. You can be sure that your content is reaching a larger audience base. Research on Tik Tok Ads and learn about what makes an Ad powerful on this platform. Tik Tok currently offers five types of Ad products. Choose the one that best suits your business model.

5. Implement Tik Tok SEO

SEO concepts that apply to websites can be leveraged in Tik Tok too. By using SEO tactics, you make it easy for people to find your content on the platform. Picking the right hashtags and captions can make a big difference in the reach of your video. The number of sales and conversions is directly related to brand awareness.
Optimize your video content the same way you would do on your site. Spend time to research top keywords that you can turn into hashtags. Tik Tok itself can help you with suggestions. Type in a keyword or topic in the search bar. Tik Tok will auto-suggest hashtags or show you trending tags that you can use for inspiration. Use generic keywords for a more extensive reach. For example, use #summerwear when you want your video to reach anyone interested in summer wear. Use the Google Trends site to keep tabs on the top search trends online related to your industry. Use these as hashtags to see a quick boost in sales and site visits.

6. Add Website Links in Bio

Your Tik Tok bio section is where people can gain more details about you. It is also one of the places on the app that lets you update helpful information, like a web URL. As a brand, take full advantage of it. The information in your Bio is a stepping stone to more sales and brand reach. Do note that this feature is not open to all Tik Tok accounts yet. Go to your profile settings to check if you see the website field enabled in the Bio. If you can't find this option, you can try and sign up for the Tik Tok testers program, which gives you access to this feature. Make your Bio section as fun and catchy as possible. Use emojis in your Bio to hint at your brand's personality. Users relate to a brand that has a unique brand voice. Make sure that you describe your brand and the products you sell without going over the allowed character limit. Following these tips for your Bio helps you gain organic leads and drives sales.

7. Go Live Often

Connect your social profiles. It helps you share content easily across platforms. Host live events on Tik Tok and other media to connect more with your audience. Going live is excellent for brand building and feels more authentic than simply posting videos.
Going live is an excellent way for new users to discover your brand and channel. Be sure to promote any Live event well in advance. This helps generate interest and curiosity. Create attractive teaser videos and contests to get people to engage with your brand in the days leading to the event. If you are collaborating with influencers, use this platform to boost your brand. Talking about your products or how to use them personalizes the brand with your audience. It signals that your brand is human-centric and approachable. Setting up a live event is easy but hosting one without preparation is a bad idea. Make live events part of your content strategy and planning. Work with your creative team to create attractive posters and content for the main event.


Tik Tok is a groundbreaking and unique platform. It has loads of amazing features which make it a fun place for youngsters. Creating a solid content strategy for Tik Tok goes a long way in increasing your sales. Use Tik Tok along with other social media channels to create a compelling brand presence across the web. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing on Tik Tok. Rope in influential content creators to assist with brand reach. Listen to your audience's feedback and work on it. Spend time gathering analytics data from your Tik Tok videos. Analyze these metrics to improve your content and fine-tune your sales tactics. Leverage Tik Tok to get to a large section of your audience at a relatively low cost.

FAQs on Getting Sales Using TikTok

1. Is Tik Tok Suitable for Marketing?

Yes, Tik Tok is great for sales and leads. Tik Tok is easy to use, and a bit hit with younger people. It gained popularity as an entertainment platform. It soon evolved into much more. Brands recognized its potential as a platform to market its products. Today, it is one of the leading platforms to boost sales and platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

2. How Much Does Tik Tok Charge for Paid Ads?

Placing an Ad on Tik Tok can be a little more expensive than other platforms. Pricing for Ads varies from region to region. Their Ad model works on a minimum spend per day, which means that you may have to pay at least $10 to $20 a day for the length of your Ad campaign. Check the Tik Tok FAQs in your country for the current pricing.

3. What Type of Ads Does Tik Tok Support?

Tik Tok allows five types of Ad formats. These are:

  • Branded Takeover
  • In-feed Ads
  • TopView
  • Branded Hashtag Challenges
  • Branded Effects

Each of these formats is effective in its own way. If you want more sales, you should be looking at Branded Hashtag Challenges or Takeovers for maximum ROI. These are shown to reach a wider audience and are more marketer-friendly.

4. How To Pick an Influencer to Boost Sales?

Picking an influencer to boost sales can be tricky. Choose an influencer with a good reputation in your industry. You can look up their previous campaigns for other clients. Check if their charges are reasonable and there are no hidden terms. Get your marketing teams to discuss your goals with the influencer in detail. Do not sign-up before they are clear on what they are expected to deliver for you.

5. Can I Add a Website Link to Tik Tok?

Yes! The bio section of your profile allows you to add a link to your website. Adding a URL is a great way to guide new users to your site and generate sales leads. You can also use several URL tools for social media, for example, LinkTree. These tools let you add more than one landing page link to your social media accounts.